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Strategise I Procure I Manage

At BRAWD & Co., we are not all things to all people!  We are unique, and we are experts at what we do.

We are specialists in the field of end to end Category Management and Procurement across high value, high risk commodities within the Resources industry.  Key focus areas are Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME), Autonomous Haulage, Giant Earthmoving Tyres (EMT), Explosives, Fuels, and Services.

Our experience comes from successfully leading multiple global sourcing and sales projects across the various resource industries (mining, oil, gas).  However, our knowledge and process equally applies to investment decisions in other Asset and Service heavy industries such as road transport and agriculture.

We focus on a multi-dimensional, yet simple selection criteria, comprehensively addressing the core value enablers of;





We work with emerging vendors, particularly in the area of HME and EMT, assisting these manufacturing markets understand the expectations of the major global mining markets, and refine and improve their product and service offerings accordingly.

We are also leaders in the development and implementation of Indigenous Procurement, having gained this experience, and associated global recognition, from working within one of the world's largest energy / petrochemical companies.


Strategise I Procure I Manage

Partnering with BRAWD & Co., you benefit from our prior experience utilising world class strategy development, global sourcing, negotiation, and category management process and procedure employed by the worlds largest mining and energy companies.  You also gain the benefit of working with a unique team of people who've also worked with the world's leading heavy mobile equipment (HME) OEMs and Dealers, and mining companies alike..

We are highly structured, disciplined, impartial and entirely pragmatic in our approach.  We let data and experience lead us to the optimum investment outcomes for you.

We provide a holistic management approach to your strategic sourcing requirements, closely analysing all key drivers, engaging aligned and qualified subject matters experts and references, and will continuously align with your primary stakeholders.  Our approach applies world class methodology in terms of;

- Category Management Process Application

- Structured Negotiation Framework

- Category and Sourcing Strategy Frameworks

- Vendor Collaboration & Management

- Contract Auditing and Review

- Contract Management

- Legal Expertise

- Adoption of, & Measurement Against the United Nations Sustainability Goals

- Vendor / Principle Account Management & Collaboration

Examples of our approach in the area of HME, Autonomous Haulage, and associated Technologies include;

- Aligning with Industry HME Standards (eg EMESRT, Global Mining Guideline Group, MSHA, Australian State Authorities)

- Optimising Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Drivers (eg operational input sensitivity modelling)

- Undertaking Equivalent Annual Cost (EAC), Equivalent Unit Cost (EUC) Modelling

- Identification of Optimum Ownership Period

- Evaluation of Maintenance Management Plans and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Practices.

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