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The Mining Value Chain & HME's Place Within

Here we've outlined the critical role Heavy Mining Equipment (HME) plays in the overall Mining Value Chain. 


We've depicted how HME strategy is developed, the balanced considerations of HME fleet investment, the value enhancement opportunity, and finally, some of the methodology utilised by BRAWD & Co. to grow and sustain HME's vital contribution to the overall Mining Value Chain.

What we do know is that ALL stakeholders are vital to HME value delivery; Operations alone will not deliver value, Asset Management / Maintenance alone will not deliver value, and Procurement alone will not deliver value.  Combined and coordinated however, these and other key areas of the overall Enterprise will deliver value.

BRAWD & Co. has a clear understanding of what it takes to create and deliver value each step of the way, and who is best placed to do so.  This takes leadership, coordination, and a thorough understanding of all aspects, from the view of the end-user / owner, and the vendor / OEM. 


BRAWD & Co. uniquely bring the experience, leadership and global network of experts together from all asepcts to ensure sustained and optimised HME value delivery.

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