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Global Strategic Sourcing Advisors

BRAWD & Co. (BRAWD & Company) exists to solve the critical Goods and Services investment issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach and experience is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.

We provide specialist professional services and solutions to help organizations achieve their vision and optimize performance, productivity, and ultimately sustainable value.

Our expertise has been gained from within the Resources Industry (Mining, Oil, & Gas), though we also apply the same mature Category Management principles to other industries requiring end to end management of high risk, high value Categories.

BRAWD & Co., along with our global network of established professionals, has a long history of demonstrated performance in global and strategic sourcing of Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME), Giant Earthmoving Tyres, Explosives, Fuels / Lubricants, and high value Services.

Achieving sustainable value realisation  is paramount.  Ensuring a formal commercial relationship that genuinely facilitates close collaboration and mutual benefit between both Principle and Vendor is critical.  Our ongoing Contract Management offering beyond the initial sourcing event is a further key to unlocking and growing further value.

Indigenous Procurement, associated supply chain development, diversification, and social value realisation is also at the heart of our expertise.  Improving the social impact of industries within which our clients operate is key, and development of Indigenous communities and organisations, along with other locally based entities is paramount.

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